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At the Sunday meeting at Brentford & Isleworth yesterday, there was quite a lot of spoken ‘ministry’ about ‘Preparation’ as in ‘Be prepared’ (with acknowledgement to Baden-Powell!) and ‘failure to prepare is preparation for failure’. (see ‘Advice’ no.9) In an … Continue reading

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Nagaland and Naxalites

On 12th September, local Quaker meetings were asked to participate in a day of prayer for the Naga people.  Several members of the meeting spoke (‘gave ministry’) on this issue and David, whilst recognising that ‘pride comes before a fall’, … Continue reading

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Hull Quaker Meeting

It’s my general intention to make frequent short posts – 5-6 lines – but today I feel rambling prose coming on. (sort of ‘long and winding road‘ x ‘ramblin’ rose‘ in words). Being ‘up north’ I managed to get to … Continue reading

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Too many hours on this today. Hope the extensive links to Quakers past and other additions will be useful for me and any visitors. Have read a great deal, learnt a little more. Expect the site/blog to grow more slowly … Continue reading

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George Fox – his journal

Following a link from ‘Quaker Jane’ – see ‘Quakerspeak’ above, brought me to this version of Fox’s journal from Google books. There is a forward by William Penn and introductions by Margaret Fell (later Fox’s wife) and other early Quakers … Continue reading

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Another blog, another view

Another journalist, Jessica Reed, beginning her ‘quaker quest’ about the same time I did, wrote this, also in the Guardian (online), somewhat contrasting with Theo Hobson’s view linked (in the previous post) below: As I know only too well, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, Hello World indeed! I started ‘attending’ Quaker meetings fairly regularly (ie. most Sundays) at Brentford & Isleworth Meeting House in January 2010. I had meant to report my experiences by creating such a blog months ago but, having ‘completed’ … Continue reading

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