Hello world!

Well, Hello World indeed!

I started ‘attending’ Quaker meetings fairly regularly (ie. most Sundays) at Brentford & Isleworth Meeting House in January 2010.

I had meant to report my experiences by creating such a blog months ago but, having ‘completed’ the cycle of 6 Quaker Quest meetings at Friend’s House, Euston Square, London on Monday, I decided I could leave it no longer when I came across this from the Guardian.

It very timely chimes with other quaker facts I have recently come across (can you believe the WordPress spellchecker doesn’t recognise ‘quaker’! – but ‘Quaker”s OK!)  of which (facts) more anon.

The article by Theo Hobson is an absolute hoot for anyone who has sympathetically attended more than one or two meetings but will no doubt appeal especially to ‘regulars’ on both sides of the ‘quaker fence’ of ‘christocentricity’ (or maybe one side will consider, like Theo Hobson?, Britain Yearly Meeting as sitting on the fence?). (See also ‘Ripley’ and ‘Quakerinfo’ for what is currently a minority view in the UK)

Anyway, when I get round to it, I will record my continued experiences here and no doubt investigate both the baby Jesus and the bath water more closely when time permits.

Well, that’ll do for now. Rather more than WordPress’s ‘a few minutes’ but then I guess I’ve crammed quite a bit into a first post!

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  1. Please, please, please add your comments here if you have any interest at all in the matters raised!

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