Hull Quaker Meeting

It’s my general intention to make frequent short posts – 5-6 lines – but today I feel rambling prose coming on. (sort of ‘long and winding road‘ x ‘ramblin’ rose‘ in words).

Being ‘up north’ I managed to get to the Hull Quaker Meeting House in Bean Street this morning in time for the Sunday worship. I was geeted at the door by Denise and a very beautiful German Shepherd (dog). The meeting was very quiet with some deep silence, a little spoken ‘ministry’ and some fidgeting. (I’ve read from Ben Pink Dandelion that flogging a video might be ‘ministry’ but not so sure about the sound of a bag being unzipped). (If words have single quotes round them they might be ‘Quakerspeak’ – which isn’t, as far as I know –  so you could look them up from the Quakerspeak page shown above).

The meeting generally conformed to the pattern amusingly described in the Theo Hobson article mentioned in my very first post. The ‘Friends’ were friendly and I’d hit upon the Sunday, once a month, on which they have lunch after the meeting, so no Tea but I did have lunch and it was the ?0th (big round number?) birthday of Lois so there was cake too. I also met Theo, John, Susan and Margaret and others.

I had a long conversation with Lois about sailing on the Humber and ‘dahn sarf’ (it seems Lois and her husband had been members of the Humber Yawl Club upto about 1985 – I joined in 1987 and am still a member and webslave.) Then I found that John too had sailed with them and started sailing about a decade before I did in the same part of Essex (Leigh on Sea) as I had (in the 50’s and 60’s) and, like me, with a scout group who had built (like us) an 18-20ft clinker built boat. (Small world or something to do with string theory?) (We, 4th Seven Kings, later went on to build (video clip) a 40ft ketch (website)).

Well, is that what being a ‘new attender’ is about?

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