Worship in Portugal/Quaker Quest

As I have been in Spain-Portugal since 29th September I am not able to attend meetings. Last Sunday (10th October 2010) I went for a walk along the cliff-top and beach at Cabanas in the eastern Algarve at 9am. and didn’t get back until 1pm.

For part of that time, from 10.30 to 11.30 – the same time as in England – I sat on the beach in the sun and acted as if I was at the Brentford meeting with some periods of meditation and otherwise thinking about Friends at that meeting – Frank, Bessie, Deborah, Deb, Andrée, Jim, David, Brian, Vince, Kate, James, Keith, Lesley and others who’s names I do not know or can’t just now remember.

Anyway, you were not forgotten; the sun was lovely (though it did cloud over but I managed without putting my shirt on!). I wonder if anyone perhaps thought of me?

I ‘completed’ my attendance at Quaker Quest on 28th September and have begun a page about that experience – see QuakerQuest above.

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