Glenthorne Experiment with Light

Arrived at Glenthorne Quaker Centre late afternoon after driving from Humberside in just over 3 hours in sunshine all the way – quite the opposite of expectations.

Have had an excellent evening meal with tea and cakes before that.  Started on the course with some introductory items so still don’t know what to expect in the ‘main event’. Very surprised to find I have internet access here and can put this up just before going to bed.

There are three course leaders and 8 participants – divided into 2 groups of 4 – I’m the only male participant.

Continuing at lunchtime on Saturday, we have been introduced to a Quaker Meditation. There has been a couple of inches of snow overnight. The course leaders are Catherine King-Ambler, Allan Holmes and KayT Turner.

Here are pictures of Catherine, the group and of the snow covered hills:

Catherine King-Ambler

Fells above Glenthorne House

The group (one missing) with leaders

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