Some reflections

The trouble with not posting regularly is that if you do get round to it, the intervening events seem now almost too complicated to report.

Perhaps this should be headed ‘Member at last’.  Last time, I forgot to mention I had applied for membership of the Society (London West Area Meeting) in November – then sort of got cold feet (or ‘wedding nerves’?) and put it on hold for a bit.

After a bit more soul searching (I think mine might be missing) I went ahead with receiving my visitors, one of whom it turned out had been born only a mile from where I was born on the other side of London.  Then, in February, I received the news I had been accepted into membership. (One must be tempted to say here ‘God knows why’ and perhaps he does? Hope this isn’t one of the temptations I should have been delivered from.)

In March I attended the first annual conference/agm of the UK ‘branch’ (not really) of the Non-theist Friends’ Network at Woodbrooke near Birmingham. (My second visit to Woodbrooke).

This was attended by nearly 100 Friends (Quakers) and had as 3 ‘keynote’ speakers, Don Cupitt of ‘The Sea of Faith’, the poet Philip Gross (who is a Friend in Wales) and an American non-theist Friend James Riemermann from St. Paul’s Minnesota whose speech moved me to tears. (Will have to return here and edit later as the laptop battery is about to expire!)

Trevor (in Portugal)

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