I started ‘attending’ Quaker meetings fairly regularly (ie. most Sundays) at Brentford & Isleworth Meeting House in January 2010.

I had meant to report my experiences by creating such a blog months ago but, having ‘completed’ the cycle of 6 ‘Quaker Quest’ meetings at Friends’ House, Euston Square, London on Monday (13/9/2010), I decided I could leave it no longer … will update this later but in the meantime see more detail on the posts (Home) pages here.

In due course I already intend to add pages on God, Jesus, Worship, Sex, Death, Quaker flavours, Naked Quakers and other Trivia  (did I forget blasphemy and the Bible, never mind the Qu’ran?). (I’m guessing that most Quakers in Britain would not have too much trouble with blasphemy (for which George Fox was imprisoned in 1650), preferring free speech whilst recognising that the views of others should be respected and it would perhaps not be very ‘quakerly’ to unnecessarily upset those who might be upset?)

But I hate (if that’s unquakerly, pick ‘loathe’) websites which still have those silly ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ messages so this is just a note to myself and a hint of what may be to come – in the here and now.)

Who am ‘I’? – (of course, I’ve been asking that for years), but the author of this weblogsite is me. Click me or me2 to see more. I also created a WordPress site for the Humber Yawl Club. My son Peter lives in Barton on Humber and is a web designer and coder.

I spend most of my time with my partner Georgina in London, otherwise in Spain, Portugal or Humberside.

You can contact me by leaving a reply or comment on any page or at trevor at humber.co.uk (copy and paste and replace the spaces and at with the @ symbol).

Notoats? – Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. A light hearted kind of porridge? Apparently Quaker Oats has nothing whatever to do with Quakers except that they may have stolen the name at a time when Quakers and the many Quaker businesses had a reputation for honesty, quality and value for money. (Perhaps they still do?). More interesting stuff on ‘Quaker reputations’ elsewhere in due course! (Porridge is of course good for you and Quakers have ‘served their time’ too).


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