How to?

How to use this site:

This website is based on a WordPress ‘blog’, (short for web log). The home page consists quite simply of a series of posts or articles, listed latest first,  and indexed via the Categories box (to the right). To see older entries on the ‘Home Page’ , scroll downwards.

You should navigate the site mainly by using the Headings at the top of every page and in most browsers, you can return to the top of any webpage and therefore these critical navigation headings by hitting the ‘Home’ key or ‘Page Up’ key on your keyboard. (Laptops may vary).

The long column to the right here is for finer navigation. There is a list of external Quaker links which might be of interest  and below that a full page listing (site map). I have used ‘Wikipedia’ for many of the links for a degree of consistency and neutrality.

You may wish to adjust the site appearance by changing the text size in the View menu of your web-browser.  You can also locate articles by when they were created, by clicking in the Archive box and selecting a year & month. Or you can Search the site for what you’re after. The calendar also links dates to posts on that day. The headings at the top of the screen should be self-explanatory. To see all of the site, look at the Page list below right as not all the pages are shown at the top. Some pages may eventually require a password. Sub-pages are linked to from the top pages. If you ‘get lost’, return to the Home Page/Headings.  Recent comments lists the most recent readers’ comments. You can view or make comments by clicking on ‘Comments/No Comments’ or by typing in the ‘Leave a reply’ box on other pages. If you wish to make your own posts or pages, please email for an invitation. Pop-up previews show external links only. Most external links will open in a new window.

Instructions for contibuting to the site as an author or editor will follow but in the meantime please add your comments! (These will appear after moderation but once you have an approved comment you will be able to add further comments immediately provided you behave yourself!)


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