So far I have learnt that Quakers ‘have no creed’ and this sometimes seems to mean that they have no mandatory beliefs or that you can ‘believe’ (in a religious sense?) almost anything and yet still perhaps be a Quaker – hence Christian Quakers, non-Christian Quakers?, non-theist Quakers, Jewish Quakers, Muslim Quakers, even atheist Quakers! (Not sure how this last squares with what Quakers call – believe to be? – “that of God in everyone” – perhaps it depends on what you mean by (that of) God?)

However they certainly have practices or ‘behaviours’ which seem to amount to a general agreement to certain beliefs or principles called ‘Testimonies’. There are a mumber of these which may sometimes change or be named differently but the 4 key Testimonies (in Britain today) are those to ‘Simplicity’, ‘Equality’, ‘Truth’ (and Integrity) and (perhaps most famously) ‘Peace’.

I will expand on these later. (In the meantime use the drop-down menu under the heading Testimonies in the menu bar above to find links to each of these testimonies).

– see also Quaker Faith & Action


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