Bin Laden, Obama, smiles and tears and the Holy Ghost

More than one member of my meeting expressed some disquiet at the manner of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  Creditably, this doubt has been reflected too in Question Time on the BBC (most notably by the ‘ex-SBSPaddy Ashdown) and in some quarters in America.

The ways of the Lord (and the world-wide web) may indeed be curious.  Following links from news items about Bin Laden led to this which at least made my eyes water.  The trail began with this – that photograph with Obama and Hilary Clinton watching Bin Laden’s demise (we assume) discussed in an interesting way by CNN.  I’d further tend to assume that Clinton’s story about ‘stifling a cough’ is an embarassed lie to cover her horror at events of which she might rather be proud (of the horror more than the event).  That story linked to this – about Bin Laden’s theology – which is slightly encouraging for its Muslim contributors comments, and that led to the “Holy Ghost” in the ‘black church’ story above which prompted me to add this first post to my quaker blog in over 3 months!

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